Who are the Tommyknockers?

The Tommyknockers morris team was started in 2002 for and by children of adults on Maroon Bells Morris and has since expanded to include any interested kids age 10 and up. You'll recognize the "Tommys" at local morris events by their youthful energy and their black and yellow baldrics.

The Tommyknockers took their name from a playful spirit believed to inhabit mines in the UK who not only played a variety of pranks but also helped protect miners from the various hazards inherent to working underground. While Maroon Bells took their name from Colorado landscape, the Tommyknockers chose to honor Colorado�s mining history (and highlight their generally smaller size and mischievous activities).

The Tommyknockers is the youth team for the Maroon Bells Morris Dancers

Several of the younger members of Maroon Bells Morris started dancing as "Tommys". Sometimes kids of Maroon Bells join the Tommyknockers. And sometimes the parents of Tommyknockers join the Maroon Bells . And sometimes kids and parents join the respective teams at the same time. Morris dancing, it's more than just capering about with bells on. It's good family fun.

At this time, the Tommyknockers are taking a sabbatical. If you would like more information on the Tommyknowckers, please contact Sallie, at maroonbellsfore @ gmail.com for details.

Picture by Jason Amini