Our Repertoire

Thank you for your interest in our dance repertoire. We perform dances from several morris traditions including Adderbury, Fieldtown and Litchfield. In the listing below you will find our dances and the music used by our fine cadre of musicians. If you follow the links (where they exist under the "Dance/Tradition" columns) you will see videos of the Maroon Bells performing that dance. Likewise if you follow the link under the "Music" columns you will find a PDF file with a score for the particular tune.

Enjoy the videos and the music.

Dance/Tradition  Music
Cobb's Horse Cobb's Horse
Cuckoo's Nest Cuckoo's Nest
Postman's Knock Postman's Knock
The Seventeenth of May[1] The Seventeenth of May
Skirmishes Lilli Burlero
South Australia  South Australia
Sweet Jenny Jones Sweet Jenny Jones
Ascot Under Wychwood
The Lollipop Man The Lollipop Man
Simon's Fancy  The Trim Rigged Doxie
Highland Mary  
Donkey Riding Donkey Riding
Young Collins Young Collins
Dance/Tradition  Music
Banks of the Dee Banks of the Dee
Curly Headed Ploughboy Curly Headed Ploughboy
Dearest Dicky Dearest Dicky
Jockey to the Fair Jockey to the Fair
The Rose  The Rose
Waltzing Matilda Waltzing Matilda
Waterford Fair Country Gardens or Raggle Taggle
The Nutting Girl The Nutting Girl
Chuck and Di Balance the Straw and Beethoven's 9th
Sheperd's Hay Sheperd's Hay
Vandals of Hammerwich Vandals of Hammerwich